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What is everyone’s take on the “NO” vote coming from France and the Netherlands? What kind of roadblocks does this present for a strengthened EU? Will the EU even exist in 10 years at this rate? Discuss. And for that matter, are there any Europeans on this board.

See, I did it, I posted something that shouldn’t start WWIII.

I know I had that cookie around somewhere just waiting for you…

I think the “no” votes are good for Europe. There’s bound to be this type of turbulence when so many different countries are trying to form a collective union, so if EU officials give proper consideration to civic concerns I suspect a better constitution will result in the future.

The switch to one common currency alone was an amazing achievement in a process begun 50 years ago. There’s no telling how many years it will take but I’m confident the EU will hammer out and agree to a constitution.