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EU Bans Vitamins and Supplements


This is only one reason we should resist "harmonizing" our administrative law with the EU or anyone else. Ephedra, prohormones, DHEA. Is air and water next?



The CAFTA bill that already passed the Senate contain a provision in it to dismantle DSHEA.

Our conservative/libertarian legislators at their very finest!


Why would libertarians be for this?

As a Libertarian I am against most anything that restricts free trade and the rights of the citizenry.


Socialists make me sick!


Politicians make me sick!

I have been hearing about this law for a few months now. Signed an online petition, etc...but it doesn't really matter what the consumer wants or thinks, does it?

We are just ignorant sheep, and as such we will be treated.


The main reason this has been pushed through is because Britain has a large pharmaceutical/supplement industry, France and Germany don't, and use every opportunity to screw us via the EU.