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EU about to be stupid

Don’t know if anyone saw this so I though I post it. It says the European Union is thinking of banning a lot of supplements, such as Vitamin C + Echinacea, because the think people are harming themselves by using OTC remedies rather than going to the doctor. Gotta love the EU.


For some of the more exotic herbal supplements, they are going to force them to be licensed and tested like drugs before they can be sold.
For vitamins and more popular supplements they are going to cut down on the potency levels that can be sold. ie - no 1000mg Vit C etc

damn socialists

This aint got anything to do with politics, people’s opinions or democracy. Those Europarlement polititians are all in the pockets of the big chemical / pharmaceutical companies. Nobody in Europe can vote who gets into the Europarlement.

The only way you are going to hurt yourself with most vitamin and herbal supplements is to drop the jar on your foot. Unless you practice political science instead of science.