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Hi to all who are reading this.

Well, since my last posting…(what seems a lifetime ago)…I’ve joined a gym (my pitiful array of paraphenalia at home is rather limiting, I feel)…and have gotten MUCH more serious about strength training…separating strength from technique from endurance from stretching…well, sorry, I’m kinda getting off topic…

ANYway, I’m pretty cut and flexible and it tends to get some attention/looks from time to time…which leads me to my first etiquette/rule question:

  1. What is the general rule about meeting people in the gym with whom one may be attracted to? I figure that we shouldn’t interrupt a set or something…but anything else? Not only that, but I figure women are ALWAYS getting approached at a gym, so methods would be cool to hear too. Any input would be appreciated…

and the second question:

  1. What is the rules of sharing equipment time and stuff? I know this is vague, but I figure so as nobody cools down, we can share equipment if the gym is particularly busy…but sometimes it seems that isn’t possible sometimes…

Any input on either/both questions would be appreciated.

Thanks to all and Peace out.

In answer to your second question I invoke the “Look at me look at you” rule! Hehehe. Just kidding.

Well actually, to some degree that’s true. I’ve been doing EDT for the last 6 weeks, and my partner and I are on 2 pieces of equipment for 15 mins at a time. People often ask how long I’ve got left, and I tell them how many minutes. If they asks to use the equipment anyway, my partner and I only let the interupt if they’re serious lifters. This is especially true when I was doing King’s programs. I’m not letting some fucker interupt my sets so they can curl in the squat rack or do 1/4 squats because they’re pussies!

Sharing depends on rest periods.

If you are resting for 2-4 minutes, then share the damn equipment! I hate it when I want to use a pair of dumbells, but some dweeb who screams during every rep refuses to let anyone touch them, even if he has three more minutes before his next set.

But if it’s EDT, fuck em! :slight_smile:

My advice:
Avoid hitting on girls in the gym…if you see them after their workout or something like that, then I think it’s ok to strike up a conversation with them. But most girls I know avoid the gym because they get harrassed by guys constantly. You don’t wanna be that guy.

For sharing equipment, I usually just ask how many sets the person has left. If it’s a lot, then I’ll ask if they mind if I work in.

A woman’s perspective…

If you are interested in a woman that is just as focused on her physique as you are than give her the same respect during her work out that you would want during yours. I was getting interrupted during my workouts so often that I broke down and bought a disc man. Now I put my headphones on and do my best to avoid all eye contact so I can get my workout in without interruption.

  1. I agree with Ericka. I would add that I don’t mind being asked out politely, especially if the guy waits until I’m done lifting. Politeness and respect matter most to me, in OR out of the gym.

  2. At my gym, I see very few people who appear to have a real plan for their workouts. So if such a person is using equipment I want, I ask politely if I can work in with him. 99% of the time, he’ll say he has “one more set” and move on to something else. If I don’t ask, though, he’ll sit there forever.

On the other hand, if someone DOES appear to have a plan (e.g., writing stuff down), I might ask him how much longer so that I can figure out the best way to revise my own workout if necessary. But this hardly ever happens.

On #2, in my opinion, anytime they’re “resting” is a opportunity to work in, a set doesn’t take that long, and they don’t own the equipment. If they don’t let me in after a set I just jump in on it anyhow.

I’m real good about letting other people work in with me, so I don’t feel bad about pushing equipment hogs off.

Boy…kinda simple isn’t it? Respectful and treating others the way we’d want to be treated…if our mothers could only see us now, they would shed tears…:stuck_out_tongue:

anything else?

Malcomzilla…doesn’t that get a little…loud…sometimes? Or are you that huge that it doesn’t happen? lol.

Thanks to all.

I’ve had really good experiences meeting girls in the gym that I train at… I happen to work at that gym, so I’m sure that helps, but even when I train at a buddies gym I’ve usually met some really good girls. Most of these girls I haven’t even gone out with, but we always keep in touch and tend to go out together on the weekends. I find its easier to befriend a friend of the girl your interested in rather than just plain out chat with her… this allows you to find out if the girl is even your type of chick, (if your going for something besides pure physical beauty… What am I thinking!?) as well, it allows you to get introduced to her from someone she already knows which tends to make it less awkward. I dunno… I work at a gym 8 hours and day, then train 2 hours and then hang out for another 2 hours in the gym… I see a lot of people interacting all day and I find it fasinating… Just dont make a fool out of yourself and you’ll probably do okay