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Ethyl Alcohol

Howdy T-Bro’s!
Just wonderin’ if anyone out there can explain to me how the body treats ethyl alcohol(y’know that stuff that makes you feel all fuzzy after enough rum). It makes up like 40% of alot of spirits, and the rest must be almost entirely water, yet I’ve seen caloric values for some at 200 cals/100 ml(Were these way off?)
Is it just catabolised into fats or what…

Alcohol is absorbed by the body and eventually converted to glucose. It is a macromolecule just like proteins, carbs and fats, it gives 7 calories per gram. If a 100ml solution contains 40ml and if 0.7g alcohol = 1ml, then 200cal is right. Although I’m not exactly sure on the molecular weight of alcohol, but I think it is lighter than water…

alcohol - 7 cal/g