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Ethics Question

Is it ethical to donate blood while on cycle? Yes, it lowers hematocrit, but what about the person receiving the blood?

Just get a therapeutic phlebotomy or do it your self.

No. You’re wasting their time and resources. However, they will test it thoroughly before they use it, so you’re not harming anybody.

From what i’ve seen a lot of people say dont do it. However others say that the levels in the amount of blood that they take are neglegable and will have no effect on the recipient. If you cant get a theraputic (In Aus you have to get it perscribed by doc) then go and donate, and the next day call up and tell them you’ve got the flu and they will throw it out.

amount in your blood will be negligible

so…not ethical, but not unethical either, not enough to affect a woman or child

also, even if there is the tiniest little amount of roids in your system, it’s got to be better than bleeding to death…

Lol I often wondered if I went and donated blood if some chick would grow a beard. Good to know