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Eternally Suicidal


This log will focus on my training. My reasoning behind my methods.My thoughts during the session. The supps I will post the attack at the end of each day as they are never exactly the same. My style is sickening, somewhat psychotic. I am passionate in my pursuit to ultimacy in size and strength and will risk all- including life to attain that goal. If it takes me forever to reach it so be it, fuck it I'm Immortal and if I lose my immortal state thats fine too.

Along with the workout of the day I will be posting some poetry,quotes, and music videos that helped me through the tragedy that was my training

let me lead off with a quote

find the man that has nothing he is passionate enough to die for then kill him, for he is unfit to live

T family pray for me I am about to take a plunge into Hell.




Looking forward to your thread.

Off topic: I'm more of an R&B guy, but songs like the one you posted would be great to work out to. Any other artists I should check out?



I love candy when its wrapped in leather wink wnk


Yo Joe

if you like Disturbed you might wanna try out Nonpoint or Sevendust.


There's no hope and I love it that way. Why you ask? Simple, hope is just another maxi-pad commercial that I choose not to live my life by. My life is my curse and I will punish myself for everything that I have ever done wrong. Hitting the gym is my way of purging my soul in an attempt at purifying it. I cry and bleed on the equipment at least once a week at my gym. When people ask me " hey man why are you training so hard?" I have no response for them, only tears.I cry for they will never know the sweet release that comes with a heavy deadlifting.

So to jump in the fire my training today was a wicked back workout.

Here is the Nightmare that was

I usually like to start off by doing a circuit of some random stuff to get loose
So I took

an oly bar with two 45 plates
1 65 pound DB
a rope

out to the machine floor ( i returned it all, so shut up)

then did a circuit of

Curl Grip Deadlift 1 x 15
Bent Over Row(narrow and close grip) 1 x 15
Good Morning 1 x 15
^^^is all done in a row without dropping the bar, like the idea in the article complexes for fat loss
then I grabbed the 65 and pulled in strict form DB rows for 1 x 15
Hopped on the nautilis and pulled in a set of 12 holding ach rep at peak for a 5 count.

Took a water break and stared at some chick with a giant ass- when I say giant I mean jaw dropping lucious Lopez type

Here's the routine here

Curl Grip DL off a platform I'd say was 4 inches off the ground
5 sets of 8 using 275,,315,335,355,375

2 minute rest between each set

no straps, no belt and from what bystanders said my form was perfect ecept the last set where I didnt hit the ground with the weights. These sets are literally evil- especially when you add a shrug at the top of eachbrep.

during the 5 sets I took in
1 chicken breast
8 oz of skim mlk
BCAA caps
(before last set) an orange)
1/4 gallon of water (gallon in total during the entire session)

I like to eat during my breaks while doing the core lifts and for the rest of the session I sipped on a protein shake I doctored up with some BCAA's

the rest of the workout was just as viscious as the first part it required one thing and that failure!

when it comes to the second part of back day i dont count reps after 8 but i do squeeze out a few extra every now and then ( yu'll se why)

Double Down Pull dOwn

3 sets 8 with a peak squeeze at each point during the movement so each set last about 40 secs

I used 120,140,160 pounds for the sets, was able to get 2 extra resps on the first 2 sets and 1 one the last set

1 ecentric pullup (20 secs)
1 concentric pllup (20 secs)

Decline DB Rows

3 sets 115 pounds x 8 with 5 second squeeze

Decline arc DB Row
3 sets 75 pounds x 8 with 5 second sqeeze

Finishng up

Lat Pulldown- 1 set of 15 simple right? c'mon u kno me better than that! the idea is to hold each sqeeze for however long the count is (ex. rep 15 is held for 15 secs)

so 1 x 15 with 160 pounds

then again with

seated cable row

I keed a photo of my gf in my pocket and I look at it when I need a little push, just the thought of her is enough to fuel such a rageful love that I cant help but to drive through the fires of my workout.

So this song was definitely one of my weapons today

I'm hitting triceps 2maro then sinting/roping on sunday

but for tonight I must party! my lil bro is gradtuating 2maro and I'm throwing him a party( gettin him a stripper woot woot)

So for this week Hell has ben defeated and I am still alive

Immortalty is intact


hey katy =] cya in a couple hours


It feels best when its slow and painful. Yes, each slow rep in a long slow set. Today I layed waste to my triceps and hit some cardio. I'm feeling horrible from a combo of things. I'm hungover and by some strange phenomenon I'm still drunk. My back is ridiculously sore, not even able to open my arms to hug my lil bro before he goes off to take the walk of graduates (he's wasted too, I hope he falls when he gets his diploma)

Anyway its a good thing my apartment complex has a decent gym in it because there's no way I'd make it all the way across town to Bally's.

my rule for hitting the triceps is 3 seconds up, 3 seconds down

I hit up the

overhead rope extensions 4 sets 20/15/12/8 using 120/140/160/180 pounds
30 second rest between the first two sets, 60 seconds between 2 and 3 then 120 seconds before the last one

Superset of straight bar pushdowns (reverse and ormal grip)
3 sets of 10 160,180,225 on normal grip
140,160,180 on reverse grip

after thelast set I was so dizzy I had to chill behind some volleyball bunny on a treadmill. After I got to a decent point I fought hrough the remaining two exercises.

Most people like the traditional skull crusher- bu fuck that I am in love with the decline throat slasher

its basically a skull crusher but take the bar to the throat. extra stretch? fuck yes

I hit 3 sets of that 15,12,8 115,135,175 90 second breaks today, hope you dont mind

3 sets of decline kick backs

45,55,75 these went pretty fast

my form was decent today hen you consider my circumstance, truthfully this was a good session of weights

and I was going to sprint today but ....could barely walk ha ha so I took an eliptical and hit 45 minutes on that.(so miserable)

I'm going to get a deep tissue befoe I have to go to comenment and tonight there will be another party.

No way in hell I'm taking shot of anything tonight, maybe olive oil .....fuck thats a good idea PROTEIN PONG


I'm in my room right now because my bros party is to tempting

i know if i was out there i'd more than likely drink and have some kind of eating contst with some fat chick

I'll be in my room studying and on T-Nation for a bit

maybe write some poetry, if anything is good i'll post it

actually i'm gonna call up some chick and hhave some nasty time over te phone


when is a man truly free? the answer is when he is truly afraid for his life. what does a truly scared man do?


today was a sprint day

I went to my old High School and blasted 15 100 yaard dashes

kept it consistent until the 11th go

nevertheless, I escaped

no time to rest, I can hear the voices calling me

I have to prepare this week's fight


Sprints. I need to incorporate them into my days. I just need to figure out where to do them.


you cant sprint anywhere lol try a metropark I'm sure a high scool wouldnt mind if you used there FB or Soccer field just ask a coach before the team practice if its ok to join in on their sprinting

or if neither of those work just get yourself a good jump rope and do some speed roping on the sidewalk


The disrespect flows from some people like a fresh wound. Like hounds they'll rip everything you have apart. I see I am alone in this fight against the wolves and its fine because I am prepared. If I am not prepared this.......FUCK THAT!!!

Let's do this

I am resilient,I will persevere.

I hit chest and Bi's as routine dictated

6 sets of pullover floor press 15,12,10,8,8,8

225 ( 3x8 help on last three of final set)

Incline DB press ( pressing dbs together at the top of each rep for 5 count)

125 ( two sets unassisted)

Squeeze fly

4x10 (75 pound dbs)
Biceps (strict form 8 rep circuit 4 turns)

Perfect Curl(120 pounds)
Cross boody DB curl (75 pounds)
Concentration Curl (85)
incline semi supine curl(55)

Every now and then I like to put myself through a silent training session which may carry over to a silent week where I dont talk, only write. I let my emotion show through my eyes- because they are the windows to the soul.....i like the silence, it lets me truly listen to myself



Monday-Upper Body
T-bar row
3 x 8 70/90/110
Incline dumbbell press with palms facing in
4 x 6 40/40/40/40
Hammer curl
4 x 6 25/30/35/35
Standing dumbbell side raises (with some body swing)
3 x 8 10/15/20
French press
3 x 8 35/45/65
F) Reverse crunches (pause at the top)
3 x 15

Since misery loves company I'm going along on this walk through Hell witcha!


would you mind posting your max lifts for:
-military press

could you please post pics. you say you are a 19 year old 5'10 320lb bodybuilder.

sure sounds like a hell of a physique!


Start your own training log.









Abs Neack and Cardio Day

I bought a dog collar that fir snug around my forehead and I use it to train neck sometiimes...I tie a knot around a 30-35 lb DB with the handle and fix the collar on my head and do 10 reps to each angle my neck moves

Such a sinful circuit (8-10 repeat til fail)

Incline Twists
Weighted Swiss ball crunches (holding a 45 plate on my chest)
Rope Suplex with 110 pounds
Dragon Flag with 25 pounds between feet
Plank (45-50 secs)

made it through 5 times last one was pretty sloppy but I got though it

45 minutes of slow cardio on an eliptical


The day reminds me of you
The night hides your truth

Todays workout was hard and fast. a shoulder banger most definitely

Push Press (circuit style)

1x7 185
zx5 205
1x3 225

One arm DB Press with palm facing in

3x6 80 lbs DB

Supersetted with

Single arm Iron Hold

20 seconds

Front Pulldown on lat machine

3x15 90 pounds

Rear Delt Fly
3x8 30 pounds

Front/Side raise
3x8 35 pounds
12 set to failure 19 reps


You're not going to get any pics stringer :frowning: