Eternal Warrior: Russian Strength Skill Circuit for Neurotype?


I have never had any injuries and am fast twitch dominate. I feel much better mentally and physically using submaximal singles with high density. When I use submaximal singles my last sets usually are the easiest, even with limited rest. My neurotype is combination of 1A and type 3. I like moderately heavy loads but also prefer a methodical approach.

My question is could I use the Russian strength skill method as a circuit? Progressing from 5x1 to 10x1 using 85% With workout A) front/zercher squat, bench, weighted pull up. B) Trap bar deadlift, press, weighted chin up. Then a back off set or two at 75%. Then finish with metcon.

I appreciate your time and help

Thank you

Probably, because of the strength-skill approach it works well as a circuit.

Thank you and you think it’s a decent option for someone whose approaching 40? Using submaximal singles?

It is my belief that strength work (and even explosive work) is super important as you get older.

When you are getting older, the key should be to, at least, prevent (ideally, improve) the decline in the various systems and capacities that your body typically loses as its ages.

For example, strength tends to decrease by 10-15% per decade after 35, power by 17-23% per decade, mobility is likely down by 20% when you reach 50 and drops by 1% per year after that. Cardiovascular function also decreases.

So that tells me that “anti-aging” training should focused on stimulating:

  • The nervous/neuromuscular system
  • The cardiovascular/energy system(s)
  • Mobility

See strength work not as a way to get stronger but as a way to prevent the decline of the neuromuscular apparatus and nervous system.

Now, as you get older,you still NEED to train hard and seek to improve. The rule of progressive overload still applies. But using a max effort approach to strength work might not be idea. But you still need to challenge the nervous system and strength skill is a great way to do that without beating up the body.



Thank you, for the response. I will plan on sticking with the strength skill method for the foreseeable future. This year especially I focused on getting leaner, and increasing my cardiovascular capacity. I have had a lot of luck using Intermittent fasting (the right way ha) on my days when I’m not training like you detailed in one of your articles. So only have a smallish meal the evening before I train. That’s why I am such a fan of the strength skill method. I lift early like 4/5 am so I have a banana, peanut butter and coffee mixed with collagen protein before I lift and with the strength skill method has allowed me to progress and get leaner.

thanks for all your articles