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Eternal Warrior: Assistance Circuit vs Conditioning Circuit

HI @Christian_Thibaudeau and sorry for my english.
On the podcast with joe defranco you tell that you do 1/2 big exercise and after one circuit for assistance and one circuit for conditioning. In the article on t nation you write one circuit for big lift, one for assistance and one for conditioning. What is the better? What is the neurologically difference?

After this podcast I started to do something similar do Lift Specific EOD with conditioning.

A1 SGHP + Snatch + OHS as warmup before SGHP
A2 SGHP 4x 6p triple progression
B2 Dips 4x 6p triple progression
C1 DB over head press 3x 9p Omni contraction sets
C2 Leg curls (hamstrings) 3x 12p Omni contraction sets
C3 Face pulls 3x 12p Omni contraction sets
D1 Rowing machine 5 mins conditioning
A1 Snatch 3x3 just some practice
A2 Back squat 5x 6p triple progresion
B1 Pull ups EMOM I suck in pull ups I wan’t to improve with emom
C1 Push ups 3x 9p Omni contraction sets
C2 DB farmers walk 3x 1min
C3 Glute ham raise 3x max
A1 Hand stand balance just some practice
A2 HSPU 4x 6p triple progression
B2 Pendlay row 4x 6p triple progression
C1 One arm DB snatch 3x 6p (per side) as conditioning
C2 Asisted pull ups 3x 6p Omni contraction sets
C3 DB goblet squat 3x 9p Omni contraction sets
D1 DB rack walks 3x 1min conditioning

I’m currently 36 years old I switched from whole body athlete approach because I had some stressful period and didn’t be able to recover from too much big exercises per workout. EOD lift specific is fitting my lifestyle more currently. I’m wonder what do You think about above workout @Christian_Thibaudeau ?

The article provides a template and in the podcast that I’m currently doing. Both are very similar and honestly, I often rotate between both types of sessions in a week.

Heck, sometimes I even do something different like alternating KB swings and dips for 45 minutes with 2 minutes on the treadmill in between sets.

But the basic premise is always the same: combine resistance training with a fairly high neurlgical component with energy systems/cardio work.

Ok make sens. Thanks for ansfer. Will it be ok to use some special technics on section 4? Myo reps, rest pauses etc? And clusters on section 3?

@Christian_Thibaudeau what do u think to mix one exercise in normal style and the first circuit of assistance with octs method
Day 1
Back squat normal rep

Circuit ecc enphasis
A1) front squat ecc 6
A2) incline bench press ecc 6
A3) cable row ecc 6

Day 2
Bench press nornal rep

Circuit isometric enphasis

Day 3
Deadlift normal rep

Circuit normal rep

Day 4
Military press

Circuit gap workout

Absolutely fine. I myself like including eccentric and isometric work in my circuits. I would think that it is even better from a neurological standpoint, which is important as you get older.

Thanks @Christian_Thibaudeau. My doubt of this mix is because in your course you prefer one day only ecc , one day only iso and one only conc. With the omnicontraction or with this mix now i m confused. Can you explain me?

The omni-contraction system is designed for athletes who need to maximize neurological recovery because of the use of very demanding methods as well as athletic training.

When I train someone for body composition I can mix contraction types.

Ok @Christian_Thibaudeau . Thanks a lot again!!!