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Eternal Life?


This is an unbelievably well written story with an interesting experience on being held down/back. The author has an amazing ability to put words together to make the story an intelligent yet extremely easy read.



Looks like I'll be adding melatonin to my supplement list!LOL Very intersting article.


I enjoyed it. Too bad it was published in a zine along side UFO encounters and such.



Interesting article and I thank you for posting it.

I don't really have all that much faith in what this gentleman is claiming. I Also think that he delves into conspiratorial theories far too much to be considered a serious longevity expert. I did however enjoy the article as it was thought provoking.

There have been many longevity experts who have impressed me. For example, check out the longevity research which is promoted by the Life Extension Foundation:


One more worth mentioning on the subject of longevity research. I just read a book by Ray Kurzweil "Fantastic Voyage." In that book Kurzweil puts forth some very interesting theories on aging and some reasonable remedies which can be applied immediately.


After all is said and done I don't have a lot of faith in the longevity experts, any of them!

Many talk about extending life spans to well beyond the 200 year mark. Some say eternal life is possible. Others claim that we can live to be 900 years of age. I think before I buy into it (and I'd like to) I would first like to see some other more basic things be eradicated. Things like baldness, the common cold etc. When I see these things (and more) disappear I will then take a leap of faith that science has actually the capacity to fullfill the big promises of the longevity "experts."


I do agree with the end of the article.

The purpose of drug companies is not to cure things. That's calle dputting yoruself out of business.

i.e How is Magic Johnson still alive? He's got lots of cash and feeds it to the drug comps. Honestly,

That guy should have been done a long time ago.

Anyways, I truely believe there are alternative approaches to all the diseases out there, we just aren't looking b/c economies are much more important. Also, if we could live forever, there would be a problem with supply of food as well as jobs etc. We aren't going to stop reproducing, and thus we better figure out a place to put all these immortals.

Just my two cents.



We might not stop reproducing, but I do believe that the issues you speak of will probably balance themselves out as humans adapt to their newfound lifespans. The way we live now is shaped by countless variables with lifespan being a cruicial one. Perhaps people will simply not reproduce as often or some yet unforseen variable will regulate our population.