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ETA on Women's Transformation Program?

Hey Coach,

My wife is interested in starting your women’s phsique transformation program. I own the original one but I know you’re updating the whole line amd I’d rather just use the new one. I really like your newer muscle mass Blueprint (personally I find it significantly better). I can only assume that this one will be just as great of an improvement. Do you know when the women’s one might release? Also, I wonder if there’s a way to preorder? I’d be happy to preorder and get the Beta of it if that’s available.

Yes, all programs will be a huge step up. We are still having problems with the firm doing the new website, so it’s still delayed. We planned on releasing the programs with the new websites, but we are releasing some right now (I just released a bench press spec plan) but the women’s physique plan will come with the website. Email me directly, I’ll help you out.