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ETA on Surge?


Just wondering what the ETA is on Surge? Anybody know?


Ditto for Alpha Male.


i third this


I'm glad I stocked up on Surge


geez here we go again...


Yah me too, seems like ordering 4 tubs of Surge the last time wasn't a bad choice after all :slightly_smiling:


Whew! Good thing I got mine last week. I thought it took a little longer than usual to get my order. Must have been the Surge slowing it down.

I have enough to get me through the next 3-4 months.


Argh! I've got one full, unopened tub, and one tub with all but three scoops.

Tim Patterson in Heaven, please grant us a quick return of Surge.


When? Dear lord in T-Nation heaven when!?!?!?!


please tell me it will be 2 weeks or less!!!!!