Estrone or Just Estradiol

I fully understand that Estradiol is the main culprit we should be concerned with, but is there any cause for concern with Estrone? From what I have read, although it is weaker it can convert to Estradiol. Just curious since my estrone is high and my estradiol is decent, but I swear I still have estrogen sides at least mentally. Anyone worry about estrone??

Not that I know.

For men the test is E2 ultra sensitive.

Post your numbers.

Try calcium d glucarate and DIM and check if this helps your E symptoms.

This was more for general info since I have results in my main post but here are saliva results. Blood tests showed estradiol was 23 a few weeks before this.

DHEA/S- 14 (3-10) HIGH
Progesterone- 90 (5-95)
Androstenodione- 593 (151-350) HIGH
Estrone- 70 (30-58) HIGH
Testosterone- >200 (50-80) HIGH
Estradiol- 4 (1-3) HIGH
DHT- >125 (22-72) HIGH

Saliva tests aren’t very reliable.

Your T is probably high and there maybe a lot of aromatization to E, but you need the official gold standard blood tests.

You should get your free and total T checked as well as E2.

If you don’t have thyroid labs get TSH free t3 and free T4.

E2 by serum was 23 about a month ago which is good. TT was decent but FT and DHT were above range. My bloodwork also showed that although thyroids were in range the FT3 and FT4 were lowish and my doc put me on iodine and tyrosine. Had to stop that because the tyrosine was making me jittery as hell. My labs are on the post called Coming off TRT.

Again, this post was more for general info to see if anyone worries about estrone or has an opinion to see if it is worth worrying about. Thanks for all your input.