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Estrone Level Labs

Not sure if I’m in the right topic but does anyone know if Estrone levels are important when talking TRT. I just got blood work and mine were 76 which appears to be high.

Any advise would be awesome.

A quick google says it may be an indication of diabetes. Any of that happening?

Shit! Now I have to worry about that.

I’ve never heard of anyone on these forums worrying about, or even testing, estrone. Estradiol (e2) is the one that causes the issues (and benefits) we normally associate with TRT.

Thank you for the feedback

I just looked at my bloodwork panel and it looks like my hemoglobin is on point so i’m guess it’s not type 2 diabetes but i’ll consult with my doctor for sure.

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Addressed in your other thread.

The study is very weak, association, retrospective study, cart before the horse.

Generally, in men, TRT increases testosterone, increases estrogen, improves metabolism, improves lipids, decreases visceral fat, improves insulin sensitivity. Who is at risk for T2 diabetes? Older, out of shape, low testosterone, men.

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