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Estrogen's Role as a Potentiator for Neurotransmitters

Hey guys - just another random study for you.


Per some users requests I am putting together a thread about how I dose the majority of my clients and “manage” their estrogens in my practice. Again I’ll mention that out of over 2k patients we have less than 5% on an AI and those that do use arimidex use it at .25 mg a week and are over the age of 60. We test and maintain liver health and carefully watch adrenal functions - remember steroids suppress cortisol which then makes your body rely heavily on adrenaline to operate which then lowers your dopamine. Here is a nice little study about brain changes with deca use over time.

I hate to tell you guys this - but the issues you feel on cycle involving libido and mood and ED are about neurotransmitters and NOT estrogen. When you hear idiots talk about managing estrogen because they read studies showing dangers of elevated estrogens they were done on men with low testosterone. It’s about the ratio of test to estrogen guys. Stop jacking your downstream systems up with AI. Much more to follow.