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Estrogen's effects on testosterone receptors


I hope i don't get flamed for this, but I occasionally hear about the benefits of increased estrogen levels, and of soy protein. We all know that soy increases estorgen levels, so it would seem that soy protein is beneficial.

I know a lot of people avoid soy like the plague, but is it really that bad?

While reading "Anabolic Primer" (MuscleMag International, 1998), It occasionally mentions estrogen's effects on testosterone receptors...

"In small amounts estrogen may increase the number of testosterone receptors, and hence boost the effects of circulating testosterone"

"Estrogen has the remarkable property of inducing the production of testosterone receptors"

"Sports Supplements" (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2001) discusses the benefits of soy protein...

"Studies on nitrogen balance in man indicare that isolated soy is comparable to that of animal proteins"

"...subjects who were fed soy protein isolate showed an increase in plasma antioxidants..."

"Soy also contains high amounts of glutamine and arginine"

"well-processed soy protein isolates and soy-protein concentrates are essentially equivalent to those of animal proteins"

Not saying we should all load up on soy protein sources, but wouldn't including sources of soy in the diet be beneficial? I would love to hear some detailed responses, as I know a lot of you have degrees in related fields of study.

I did not include which studies the author's used to support their arguments, though if wanted I can supply this info (didn't feel like typing all that out).


While estrogen can increase AR sensitivity (this is a good thing), it can also surpress T levels. Estrogen levels are part of a feedback loop. Therefore, the higher your E level, the less T your body will produce.

So IMO, I wouldn't touch the stuff on a regular basis.


Thanks, I'll take that into consideration. Anyone else's thoughts on this subject?


I used to be afraid of soy as well but found that there were so many benfits to it I might give it a try. I don't drink too much soy milk but the limited amount that I do drink hasn't seemed to effect my sex drive or strength at all. I think it is in fact estrogenic but, other parts of the protein are anabolic without being androgenic which is a major plus in long term muscle growth. I think it will really depend on the individual. If you have naturally high T-levels like myself soy, in limited amounts, may not drop those levels enough to negatively effect you but you may want to test it carefully on your own hormonal balance. Then again it may not be for you at all.


Read in a copy of Men's Health at work that soy greatly increases the risk for erectile dysfunction, even after consumption of soy has ceased. There's no way in hell you'll catch me touching that stuff again.


I'm not argueing your findings but if that was true wouldn't millions of Asian people who use soy regularly in thier diets be having erectile problems? I'm not advocating the use of soy for everyone but it seems a little over-board to totally denounce it as a potential food source. Now, engineered soy is scary, and on that thought I'm wondering if I should stop including it in my diet despite the fact that it hasn't done anything bad to me, yet.....


I always thought that because soy is a plant, it is not a complete protein. While higher in glutamine than whey, it is lacking certain essential aminos. Could be wrong.

I work at GNC, and there are a few guys who buy soy on a regular basis. They all have man boobs.


I'm pretty sure it is not complete. It just has uniquie properties. I had the beginnings of man boobs a long time ago when I was young and very out of shape. I never ate soy during that time. Now I don't have bitch titties by any means and I occasionally drink it. But you guys are starting to scare the shit out of me!


Wait, I'm going to the store to get some soy... oops! wait, i forgot to cut off my balls!