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Estrogenic Foods

As I was doing meal prep tonight, I was kindly informed by my girlfriend that lentils (which I eat a few cups of a week, divided into every meal prep container) contain a lot of estrogen. I looked it up, and sure enough, they seem to indeed.

As I’m currently having high E2 issues, is this something I should concern myself with? I do like the nutritional value of them otherwise.

This is bro-science BS. If you like lentils eat them.
Food just does not have an effect on our hormones like some suggest. It is wishful thinking from folks that can’t get scripts for the proper drug to fix their issue. Brockley does not reduce E2. Been there done that have the blood test to prove it. Food does not replace the proper drug.



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I’m mostly with you on this based on the whole soy estrogen thing being based on a guy who was drinking like 2 gallons of soy milk a day or something insane.

I’ve also had my E2 tested at 24 when I was eating tons of lentils. So I don’t know.

That meal looks damn good right now too!

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If you would have asked about pizza or cheese burgers I’d say you weren’t really into better health and hormones. But lentils? Come on, they are great and taste awesome.

From PubMed, not broscience:

“Phytoestrogens are intriguing because, although they behave similarly to numerous synthetic compounds in laboratory models of endocrine disruption, society embraces these compounds at the same time it rejects, often with vigor, use of synthetic endocrine disruptors in household products. Thus, phytoestrogens both expand our view of environmental endocrine disruptors and propound that the source of the compound in question can influence the direction and interpretation of research and available data. While the potentially beneficial effects of phytoestrogen consumption have been eagerly pursued, and frequently overstated, the potentially adverse effects of these compounds are likely underappreciated.”

Another article from this site with citations to keep it sciency:

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