Estrogenic Fat Depots, Leptin, and Subcutaneous BF

T Folk
glad to be back in the saddle after some time off from posting on the board…Recent endocrinological research coupled with my bodybuilding passions has lead me to consider the location and physioanatomy of estrogenic fat depots. Particular areas of interest are the lower ab region extending from just inside the lower obliques to the bell button region and slightly below, as well as lower back depots…
what are peoples’ personal experiences with these regions when dieting for cut:
Considerations to include:
A2 receptors
Saw Palmetto
Insulin Resistance
Leptin Refeeds
Keto style dieting
Avoidance of Soy (agonizes E receptors and aromatase activity)
I am planning on adding to my detailed keto guide to incorporate methodologies allowing for the best and most effective strategies to eliminate trouble fat depots, particularly subcutaneous ones.
Joel your thoughts are particularly wanted as I can’t agree with you more on your cheater’s diet compendium and plans. As you pointed out with such aplomb, the key is systematic hypocaloric states followed by refeeds.
Thanks much.