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Estrogen Total at Crazy High Level Please Help


ok here are some stats first, almost 3 years blast and cruise. 240lbs 6’2 stay around 10% bf.

earlier this year got some bloodwork done and on 200mg of test cyp week my total test was in the 1400s (range 600-900) and my estro was in the 8000s!!!(range 40-120) figured it was a fluke so didn’t worry too much about it.
started a blast about 6 weeks ago with test at 1000mg week and aromasin 25mg e3D and total test is 1500< (I maxed out the lab)
and total estrogen 3400s(range 40-120) I’m not having any side effects that I’m supposed to(sex drive is awesome, sex is awesome, great appetite, no mood swings and nips are perfectly fine) I have no clue wtf is going on here. that doesn’t seem possible and my doc was dumbfounded. please any insight here would be very much appreciated!!! how do I get it under control?


Pretty tough one. Perhaps increase your ai dose? Also all sarcasm aside, ranges and units are shown on your results for a reason, please provide them. Make sure you’re using the male sensitive e2 test and not total estrogens. Many like to get their labs done independent from a Dr so they can pick and choose their exact tests. You can do this by going to independentlabs.com


I’ve called my lab and the range for it was 40-120 for the total estrogens for a male,
mines coming back in the 3400s on a range of 40-120. so that is what has me concerned and I haven’t been experiencing any bad sides, I raised aromasin from 25mg to 50mg and now I have no sex drive so I’m dumbfounded…


Are you sure it wasn’t 34.00

That just seems like a mistake, especially since you have no side effects.


yea, I called and had double checked it with the lab myself, it was LabCorp if that makes any difference. and earlier this year was in the 8000s on just 200mg of test… something has to be skewed. that’s more than 20 girls going through puberty!!!


ive been freaking out about it, searching forums everywhere and closest thing I can find is some people where having trouble with lab corp a few years ago. guys running tren would have levels like mine from LabCorp but from other labs they where fine… thing is I haven’t used tren in over a year


Its probably a false positive. I had the same thing happen to me on Nolva. The test can come back as estrogen. I GUARANTEE you that if your E2 was that high, you would feel like shit!

Retest using the Estrogen Sensitive test and see what happens.

Calm down, its about how you feel not what the numbers say.