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Estrogen/Test and AI Question


(not gyno related)

haven't cycled for about 8 months, but Ive had a blood test done in the end of June and my estradiol was 106 pmol/l, total test was 12.6 nmol/L

anyways, right after that blood test i started taking Adex at .25 mg EOD to see if it would boost my test and how it would effect my estradiol.

i got another blood test done nere the end of august and the results of those 2 hormones came back as 117 pmol/l, and total test was 19.2 nmol/L. my estradiol has actually gone up while being on adex @ .25mg/eod. which is now leaving me doubtful of the legitimacy of my adex.

assuming my adex is legit, is it possible that my estrogen would increase from elevated test while on an ai??? again, im not on any drugs that would effect my test and/or estrogen except for adex.


Pharmceutical arimidex or research liquid?


probably just inconsistency in the labs...interesting discussion on this in the over 35 forum...check it out


i doubt its inconsistency in the labs, i had other hormones checked on both tests and they are very consistant with each other. except for my total test and LH, which increased by 1.3. i should have mentioned this before, and if i remember correctly i think AI increase LH, gonna have to check that out to confirm.


and the adex is from a UG lab in liquid form, let me know if you want a pm of the name of the company.