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Estrogen Symptoms?


Are there signs or symptoms associated with estrogen excess in a man? I understand about gynecomastia but I don't have that. Specifically I've developed sensitivity to both nipples. I self-medicate with low dose test cypionate once weekly. So I'm worried about aromatase causing estrogen conversion. I also run six miles a day and the sensitivity could be irritation from a sweat-soaked tee shirt. It's just that in the past sweat didn't do this.




High skin fold on tricep, fat by the nipple, crying while watching the notebook.


I'm not sure I get this one entirely...is it the same as a high tricep insertion point [ie, the skin would fold where the insertion was]? Or am I completely off?


Tricep skin fold from a caliper reading being disproportionately higher than the other sites.


What the hell is low dose T cyp?

How is your sex drive? E can mess with that.


Testosterone cypionate 100mg/ml. I dose myself with 0.5ml once weekly except when I forget, then it's roughly 0.5ml every 10-14 days. I used to do 100mg every seven days but that caused too much libido. That may seem heretical but I found myself staring down the front of female client's blouses which isn't good for business. The sex drive is lower now but I'm still able to generate erections. Not as readily as I could forty years ago.


There is a period of hyper sexuality that can occur when starting TRT. That is transient and part of your change with injecting twice a week is probably something that was going to happen in any case.


Growing a Vagina is the one I'd watch out for.

do 5/3/1 or you'll become a woman


Join our side, and we'll show him how 5/3/1/ is REALLY done.


Change the type of shirt you wear, if you can wear none do that, and or put vaseline on them. If you sweat alot or have had increased sweating your nipples will irritate more often.


Thanks for the responses. I'd rather not run shirtless. I tried vaseline on the nipples but it sticks to the shirt, making things worse. The severe chafing occured back when I was wearing cotton Tees. The past few years I've switched to 'Technical Tees' that don't absorb sweat. But they can cause an allergic kind of rash. My next step is to find 'Nip Guards' a kind of pastie they sell in runner's stores. I'm racing next weekend but they're predicting snow in Laramie that weekend so sweat won't be a factor, I imagine.

I'm scheduled for a BPH recheck soon. I'll talk to the guy about bloodwork so I can find out for sure about my estrogen levels. One year ago my free testosterone was 79 (ref range 44-244) and estradiol was 25, no ref ranges given. That's when I started self-medication with test cypionate.



when I ran a lot I used small band-aids on my nipples to prevent this. place them vertical because the shirt movement is vertical. if you place them horizontal, the shirt will catch on them and pull them off in the middle of your run. bummer.


How in the hell are you self medicating. Do you live someplace that you can buy test cyp over the counter?

I'm surprised that nobody has suggested that you are nuts or about to be nutless and breasted if you keep this up. I guess I can understand your thought process since the medical community regularly prescribes Androgel by itself.

I am by no means an expert but I do understand several aspects of this that someone should point out to you. Maybe you already you know all this so excuse me if you do but I think it is worth mentioning in case someone else is reading this. I owe it to this site since it was here that I became much more educated regarding TRT

  1. I do not believe you can just add a little testosterone to your system. When you add testosterone your body stops producing it. That is why they refer to it as testosterone replacement therapy and not testosterone supplement therapy.
  2. I believe you can and should force your body to continue to produce some testosterone from your nuts so they donâ??t atrophy. This is done by injecting HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). Iâ??m not sure just how much of your own testosterone you produce on HCG but I believe it is not significant relative to amount you are adding with the injections or topical gel or cream. Iâ??m also not sure how much of your own you will produce if you stop adding testosterone especially if you let your nuts atrophy. I know mine started to shrivel up on 100mg/week after about 4 months.
  3. I think it is inevitable that youâ??re E2 level will increase with out an aromatize inhibitor (AI) and you will experience mussel cramps, low energy, poor sexual function as well as a number of other symptoms. I think it took about 2 to 3 months for me before I started to get mussel cramps. And if you think your nipples are sensitive now, just wait till they start bouncing up and down because you are now a b cup, and that is not reversible with out surgery.
  4. Laboratory blood testing is critical if you are going to continue. I read the posts from the guys on cycles and they are absolutely just guessing at what to take and how much. I would love to see what some of there blood work looks like before during and after a cycle. Even with the blood work itâ??s not easy to keep every thing where it should be.

Just adding testosterone sounded like a good idea to me last year at this time. I got my doctor to prescribe blood work (no free T and no E2) and then prescribe androgel. I felt better for about 2 months and then things flattened off. After about 3 months I started reading this forum and was amazed at how much more I needed to understand. I also was amazed that my doctor did not understand all of this but was prescribing Androgel ($450/month) to several of her patients. I have even seen commercials for â??Low Tâ?? which Iâ??m sure is a marketing campaign by the makers of Androgel.

Well enough rambling from me (this is what happens when I work nights).


I took the advice and taped small bandaids to both nipples. Then did a 12 mile run with no problems. I'm aware of aromatase being the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. When I started the testosterone injections I also added cruciform veggies to my diet and cut out red meat. This after reading The Testosterone Syndrome by Eugene Shippen, MD.



Don't take a knife to a gun fight, use anastrozole and do the labs.