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Estrogen Suppression


I don't know if this has been covered before and I don't want to piss you vets off. But is it wise to block/control estrogen if you don't juice? Will arimidex or clomid make the natural bodybuilder harder and leaner while doing a clean diet?


There appears to be a positive correlation between estrogen with extracellular water retention and higher fat mass. Theoretically, lowering estrogen would reduce these effects causing an individual to appear more shredded (if they're already low enough in body fat). I'm not positive on this, but I think there's also an indirect relationship between quantity of estrogen vs quantity of testosterone. Seems as though lowering E levels tend to cause endogenous T levels to rise. Let it be known, though, that lowering E levels too low has unwanted side effects. I don't recall them all, but I remember one of them being lowered libdo.


Yes, lowering Estrogen will cause an increase in testosterone, which is why doctors prescribe it to men whose wife's are having difficulty in getting pregnant. Increases test production and sperm count. And, if you've ever talked to any folks taking estrogen for these purposes, they'll tell you they feel it the increased levels and want to have much more sex. Libido increases. The primary dowside is an in crease of LDL's - your bad cholesterol. Scientific studies show a direct correlation between low estogen and high LDL's.


My latest total T was in the mid 600's. This is using .5mg Arimidex ED and .5mg Avodart ED. Nothing else. Now I had been using Tribex but the blood draw was 9 days after my last dose.
My last natural total T (about 4 months ago) was only 259.

I still don't feel ok even at 600+ so I started the new Striant buccal Test. system a couple of days ago as well.


I heard that taking clomid with nolvadex is a good way to get the benefits of estrogen (as the clomid is actually an estrogen, just a weak one which competes with estrogen receptor sites) without the waterretension. Does anyone else have any experience with this?

Also, if a guy takes just clomid and no androgens, I have heard that there can be testosterone suppression. Is this accurate? Now, I know that it is good for stimulating LH after an HPTA shut down due to androgen use, but I have heard that excessive use WILL lower your natural T production.

Please tell me if I am full of it, or do I have the right idea?


All I know (other than the deinite bad chloesterol increase) is that the UNC-Chapel Hill NC fertility clinic prescribes clomid to males who have a low sperm count, in order to raise their T levels. That's a fact, and all I know.