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Estrogen Supplementation

Has anyone done a protocol where they supplement estradiol vs trying to maintain estrogen with ai’s And the right test ratio?

Curious what dosing would be used, roughly to maintain a consistent low level of estrogen.

No right or wrong ratio. Dosing is usually 2-3mg per day.

Why would you do that as a man? You will always have plenty of estrogen if you take Test unless you suffer from the inability to aromatize.

Do you personally do this? I was thinking start at 1mg a day and do labs in a few weeks.

If you don’t want to use test you do. And HCG alone does not give me consistency or enough estrogen.

But that would also mean HCG is not generating enough Test as well, since T is precursor to E2 in men. Hence you need to take Test.

Unless you have the aromatization defficiency mentioned earlier.

I have and I know others. I did it for six weeks as an experiment to help with joint pain. I did not get blood tests while taking it though. May try it again as it helped and I had no negative effects.

Why do you think you need it?

I’m tired of the marginal benefit of test and too much or too little estrogen. I’m there are plenty of inexperienced opinions on this but my plan is to run boldenone for numerous reasons, mainly no side effects what so ever for me. Better joint health, lower inflammation, better sex drive (with adequate estrogen) But I don’t aromatize enough to maintain a normal estrogen level. Dose dependent of course, but I don’t want to take gross amounts just to maintain estrogen.

Dependent on your levels starting out, I’d do 1-2mg then. I’ve known of some going as high as 8mg, but that was with a lot of testosterone.

I’ll try it. I appreciate the input. For me I can’t go over 20pg/dL without side effects creeping up

Definitely do not go over 1mg then.