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Estrogen Stuck at 9 for Over a Year


trt protocol, 125mg divided into bi weekly injections, have arimidex on hand do not take it anymore, no hcg. Been on this protocol for two years, have had two blood test at 6 months apart this year, TT has been between 680-750. Thyroid has been good always below 1.0. Cortisol was on the high side at 19, the problem is my estrogen has been stuck at 9 and can't get it to budge. Assuming only thing i can do at this point is raise my t dose to compensate as i feel like shit with this estrogen level. Problem is my doc won't let me increase dose. any ideas??


You are on the right path, but your doctor is not very useful. You may have to look at the finding a TRT doc sticky.

Any joint aches?
Has cholesterol profile become adverse?

How is FT and range changing? Or bio-T.
SHBG might be low and FT fraction may be higher than expected.

There are two processes that find a balance. E2 generation from T–>E2 aromatization and E2 clearance by the liver.

Some guys get increased E2 from DHEA.



SHGB wasn’t checked, Dhea was almost 400 with max range on this lab being 438 and i do not supplement, FT was in the 14 range with lab range being 7.0-23.0… So i don’t see anything too out of line there, and If i go to a trt doc my insurance won’t pay and i am out a couple grand a year versus 10 bucks for the T. I guess I could also go the HCG route to get t up a little but then will have to go black market to get it and don’t know where and I know everyone freaks out if you ask for sources but its not oxycontin you know. Any other ideas???


Any joint aches?
Has cholesterol profile become adverse?

I agree that best option seems to be increasing T. You could double your dose and get FT near top of range. At that point this is making you an T hyper-metabolizer. Most guys in that territory need 300mg/week to get where most are on 100mg/week.

You might feel a lot better with this.


joints ache all to hell, i have marked in my file from the past I felt great with estrogen around 25. Cholesterol profile has remained largely unchanged. thanks man


Joint aches are classic. This problem is known from body builders who thing that E2 in single digits is a good thing [idiots].