Estrogen Seems Off, How Do I Adjust Quickly?

Ok so I started the new cycle I posted about and never had an issue with estrogen but now I think I do. In Arizona it use to be cheap and easy with theranos to get blood work but not so much anymore. I’ll have to get it done but in the meantime what’s the best way to correct. I have ran 4 bulk cycles all some variation with Tren/test. I figured with NPP/Test it would be similar. Only different Variable is Dbol at 50 mg/day. Ran dbol once at 30mg/day. I started cycle on .25 EOD and I thinks estrogen is way low. Just looking at difference between high/low estrogen sides I’m going with low till I get blood work. I’m going to make slight adjustments but man I am so lethargic and zero energy it’s hard to get up and get anything done all day more less get to the gym.

Any pointers outside of what I listed to get back to normal as quickly as possible?

It’s not clear what you are running right now. When you say 0.25 mgs EOD do you mean arimidex?

Even without you answering the above questions I can tell you there is no instant fix. A lot of guys want that overnight reaction, it just does not work like that. Depending on what you are taking then most likely you will have to adjust your AI dose. When you do that you need to stay at the new dose for at least a week for it to take effect and then you can adjust if necessary.

If you are still around a 500mg per week dose of test and taking between 0.75 and 1 mg of arimidex per week then you are in that window that most guys seem to do well with.

This is some things to look at and think about. First is your arimidex from the same source as before? Is it the same batch like are these tablets coming from a packet you have used before. It’s pretty hard for any UGL to properly dilute any powder for turning into tablets or capsules and with arimidex it is so potent at such a low dose that if the UGL didn’t mix a homogeneous product then some of the tablets will be over dosed and some will be under dosed the question is by how much. Speaking of under or over dosed batches, your issue could be the batch of test being miss dosed. Your symptoms could be from too much or too little estrogen, (except the gyno if you are experiencing that right now).
Another thing for you to think about when adjusting dose is half live of arimidex, it’s about 3 days. When we inject test enanthate or cypionate there is this surge of test being released the first 3-4 days after the injection then it drops and tapers down. I think the reason so many guys get good results with taking their arimidex on their injection days is that way the surge of test coincides with the half life of arimidex. Basically when you have the higher amount of test being released from the ester and circulating in the blood you also have the higher amount of arimidex in the blood. I could be way off on this I am not a doctor yet so many guys get good results dosing the two together.

now_i_care - thx for the reply. You know I listed this cycle out a couple weeks ago and not sure why I assumed everyone would know and didnt list it here, my bad. Here is what I am running.

Dbol - 50mg/day x6 weeks
Test C - 600mg/week mon/thurs pin x 16 weeks
NPP - 500mg a week mon/wens/fri pin x16weeks
A-dex (You assumed right) .25 EOD
Caber - 1mg/week Mon

might add Anavar last 8 weeks but not sure right now. Anyway I figured Tren and DPP were similar when it comes to estrogen in that they dont really aromatize. 1mg of caber a week seemed to work to prevent Progestrone. Hopefully thats not what it is but I wouldnt think so after only 2 weeks and I am taking Caber. I feel better now two days after. I took my 300mg dose of test and waited a day longer on my adex to get the estrogen up. energy lvl is up but no morning wood which is usually how I know I am good so its still off but better.

Ok npp does aromatize and it has progesterone activity associated with it. You made a comment about NPP (typo as DPP) and tren being similar in regards to estrogen, no tren does not aromatize. You could have had a typo and meant similar in regards to progesterone activity, yes they both are/have it. Just wanted to clear that up incase there were or were not typos.

Ok right now you are around week 2 or 3? You have a faster acting ester attached to the nandrolone vs the test and you are taking dbol. Since you might be wanting to add in anavar and you already have a fast acting ester which negates the whole “need” for a kickstart oral, at least drop the dbol while you get this figured out. Between the extra estrogen from dbol and the progesterone activity from the NPP (it just deca with a different ester) you might not have enough test/DHT to counter balance/block the NPP. I forget if it is the nandrolone specifically or one of it’s metabolites but either way it gets into the penis tissue and binds to the receptor and the theory is that is what causes the whole Deca dick situation. (I am not a Dr but I read probably too much) So that could be contributing to what’s going on along with the extra estrogen from the dbol. The good news is if the NPP is acting faster than the test and causing some of this, the cypionate ester is just about built up enough to counteract it if it is the NPP.

Now you didn’t answer my question about if the arimidex is from the same source and if it is same batch as previous. I would switch to 0.5 mgs on test injection days and see if that does the trick. The way you are using it EOD if this week the EOD lands on Monday and Wednesday then by Wednesday your Monday dose is probably got you in the high Optimal range then the Wednesday dose will drop you down out of optimal. The Thursday injection would hopefully counter balance it but then Friday you take arimidex again and probably drops your levels pretty low again. So my input would be dose the arimidex with the test that way they can peak and drop together. So many guys find that this works for them so there has to be something behind it and remember arimidex has a three day half life so you have active levels in your blood days after your last dose.

The other option is switch your AI to aromasin. I have had to play with my usage and have found in some situations that aromasin works better for me. I know the pharmacies down south of the border will have it but you have to carry it back across to the states. I live down in the corner of the state in Yuma so if I ever have to get something I can just go walk across and depending I can just take it there then cross without anything. I am not suggesting you blatantly lie and smuggle shit across the border but I bet it wouldn’t be that hard to get some sort of prescription for whatever and cross it that way (in the grey area).

I have experience with caber but it’s limited to two cycles and one of them I didn’t take it the whole time. 1 mg a week seems high to me. On my NPP cycle (almost exact same dosages on everything as yours only my dbol was at the end) I took 0.5 mgs a week split into 0.25 mgs twice a week. Now like I said I have less experience with caber vs basically everything else. Hopefully some more guys with knowledge will chime in on all of this.

Dbol is known as the “feel” good compound and I have to say I felt great on it. Keep in mind I do know the placebo effect works on me. So if you are feel lethargic or really anything less than good then something is out of balance. I personally have never read up on the signs of low progesterone in men but I do know it is vital for a woman to feel good. Even though I think you should try the above stated dosing of the arimidex with test injections your dosage just doesn’t seem like it would crash your estrogen even if everything did line up. The possibility of over dosed UGL arimidex could very easily cause your symptoms but even that is not extremely likely unless that UGL just had an off batch. Any established UGL should have a fairly decent method for producing a consistent product. So the more I think about it the more I think the caber might be causing the issue or at the least making it worse. Think about it you should know your arimidex dose give or take for your test dosage. Provided you felt well on a similar dose on a previous cycle then even though NPP does convert to estrogen it’s only like half or a quarter as much as test so it shouldn’t completely throw off your established dose level. So what is different on this cycle?

I know I rambled and went all over the place but ultimately what is different for this cycle? The different things would be the ones I look at for adjustment.