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Estrogen Replacement with TRT?

Any guys out there had to supplement estrogen to their TRT regimen? If so, what did that look like?

I take 34mg test cyp 3x per week. This keeps TT around 650 and estrogen around 20.I have moderate low E symptoms at this level (brain fog,joint pain and grinding, fatigue,insomnia, etc)If test goes any higher (high enough to get E around 30), joint pain and sleep get much better but I feel trashed tired and terrible mood-wise. Basically I need a way to get E higher without raising T or causing T spikes.

I have tried every other form of t replacement. Hcg causes heart palpitations, clomid stops working after a couple weeks, and anastrozole expectedly makes all my current symptoms far worse.Has anyone supplemented estrogen in small doses for similar issues with success?

You have many threads here. What was determined re:

  • iodine intake
  • TSH, fT3, fT3
  • body temperatures

I have never heard of a guy adding estrogens. So I am inclined to take this inquiry as a indication that something else is bogus. So labs are needed in this thread.

As E2=22pg/ml is considered to be an optimal target [for most], your worry about E2=22pg/ml seems very odd.

More E2 may be masking some part of your system that is not coping well with T. E2 blocks some of the effects of T.

Have you considered that you might be an anastrozole over-responder?
Are you using Rx anastrozole or RC?

npeters how have you been doing? I seem to have the same biology as you do and i respond the same way to test. I also have tourettes as well. Did you ever find a way to feel better?