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Estrogen Rebound from Arimidex on TRT


Whats going on with me??!! Been on trt for roughly 6 months.
33 years old
200 mgs test cyp every 2 weeks
0.5 mgs arimidex once weekly

Was running pretty smooth then took a new job out of town so i kinda blew off the arimdex after i had been taking it for 6 months. a month later i'm depressed with anxiety almost unbearable. Jumped back on the arimidex and after a month i feel somewhat better but still anxiety pretty serious. What happened? estrogen rebound? how long before i'm back to normal? Any imput would be appreciated


Well when you stopped taking it your e2 went up. Blood work will tell you where it's at.

I would break up the dose and take at least 2x a week.

Test shot very two weeks is terrible too


So I should split the dose of test and take once a week? I'll go get blood work done next week and see where my levels are


Honestly you should be injecting at least 2x a week to keep your levels stable. Same thing with the adex should be EOD IMO.

I mean if you just can't do 2x a week once a week at 100mg would be better than 200mg every 2 weeks.


Thanks... I'll try that and see how it goes