Estrogen Question - Help!

I baked a banana bread from scratch tonight…Is my estrogen too high?


Only if you eat it. Well done!!

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Depends… did you deepthroat the banana before prepping it?




You have left out our other esteemed potentially higher E2 group…

Or perhaps you did not. I am just too stupid to realize you didnt leave them out.

Nevermind, well done (I think) @blshaw :sweat_smile:.

Now I see Danny and the others were/ are on to something. What say you @Carma ? Keep the E2 as high as you can?

I wonder if this has inplications for exploding number of gender dysphoria cases and long term TOT with uncontrolled E2 given the supra T?

Sorry… sometimes I see the ledge but still take it too far. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not putting down anyone - I’ve wondered the same thing, knowing what we all know about the power of hormones.

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I have a hypothesis after using decent dosages of test for 5 years without controlling E2. I think it definitely changes your orientation to some degree (perhaps only in some). Been listening to a lot of Prince lately haha

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How was it?