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Estrogen Levels

Bone growth is stunted when taking anabolics because of the estrogen right? And high estrogen levels create puffy nipples, and fat storage more in the thighs in males right? Well I have a question: Could the reason I’m short and store most of my fat in my thighs be because of high estrogen levels? Just curious.

I’m about to go to the doc’s and get my levels.

Do a search on the “steriods and other drugs” forum, there have been a number of discussions over this. In short, steriods can prematuraly close growth plates, interms of fat distrabution you could be right about that (I am assuming that you have tried a combination of diet and exercise programs before). Also another good article is Cy Wilson’s “Your doc your dealer”. Best of luck.

Alcohol does the same thing Defex.

AvoidRoids, good one! You bully! :wink: