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Estrogen Levels Post Cycle

Do estrogen levels remain elevated after cycle or do they decrease along with the AAS? I finished my cycle a week and a half ago and started getting really bad acne(wasn’t a problem at all on cycle), Gyno got way worse and gained some fat in mid section but not crazy

Not normally but they could if your liver isn’t clearing the estrogen from your system properly.
What are do your blood tests tell you and what did your cycle and PCT look like?

Test levels will drop faster then estrogen but they shouldn’t remain elevated for long. The reason for the acne isn’t related to the levels per se but more so the imbalance in the levels. Whenever you have a major fluctuation acne is likely. How bad depends on the person.

That’s not possible. Gyno isn’t going to show up in the 2 weeks between a cycle and pct and it won’t show up on pct because you have serms in your body. I realize you said it" got way worse" this leads me to believe you had it already so I’m curious as to why you weren’t already taking a SERM or something to combat it?

Thanks for the reply. I was take Nolvadex and aromasin until about two weeks before the end of my cycle because my source hasn’t sent anything in over a month. Gyno wasn’t too bad after that but kept getting worse after cycle

I should cut out alcohol for a while then thanks. I haven’t had bloods or started yet since it’s been two weeks since my cycle ended and my source went dark so I might have to do no pct unless it comes in soon

In the future when you start a cycle make sure you have everything you could possibly need plus some extra.

No you don’t do that you order from another source. Come on man think logically.

I usually do but didn’t this time and won’t make that mistake again. It got shipped Friday but Usps is slow as hell