Estrogen Levels and Joint Pain in Women

Fairly new to HRT and I’m reading and trying to get a handle on things. This AI or anti-AI kinda caught me by surprise. I’m not on any AI it’s just I didn’t catch any of this until now.

Something else I’ve picked up on. Estrogen side effects. I think something is up with my GF. She just turned 40 and we’ve been together about 6 years. Lately things are beginning to change. This ain’t my 1st Rodeo with women getting older and Im a lot older than she is. It is funny at my age and being with a younger woman. “So I have to do the menopause thing again?”

Anyway so she started off as a sex machine. The effing blow job queen. Thats all slowing down. She never says no but I have to initiate everything. Thats okay becuase she’s hot and I’m lucky.

But what is interesting is joint pain. She is having a lot of discomfort if not severe discomfort. knees, hips elbow and even lower extremedies.
Her Dr. is a flipping idiot. GF is hard headed and thinks it’s a aging thing.
I think Duh! hormones or out of whack!

I know Im rambling here but it caught my attention when a few of you guys mention E1 or E2 out of range and joint pain.

I know when my e2 was rock bottom my joints were in terrible condition. After my first testosterone injection it was the very first thing I noticed changing. By the 3rd day all the severe pain in my shoulders was gone. I could actually lift things over my head again. I could bench press. It felt amazing and I was immediately hooked. I, like your girlfriend, was convinced that I was just getting older. That I had over worked my joints and that’s all there was to it. You can get her some Turmeric for her joint pain. That may help. I treated my joint pain with Turmeric for 7 years. After that trt was the only thing that helped me. You could try that until she gets bloodwork and an effective treatment plan.

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Oh and cheers to being the initiator! Lol

Studies are finding if women start HRT before menopause, they will stave off alzheimer’s disease because their body doesn’t go through menopause if they are on HRT, if HRT is started later and menopause has already started, if the gene is present there’s no stopping disease.

Assuming the doctor ran the appropriate tests to rule out common inflammatory conditions, yes, HRT can help. My wife was wanting to move to a one story house due to joint issues, especially knees, obviously. All this started around age 49-50 during peri-menopause/menopause. HRT at 56 changed her, test, E2, progesterone, DHEA, zero joint pain. It’s worth getting labs and checking out. If she does HRT, make it bioidentical.