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Estrogen Lab Level (Not Quest)


My new Dr. does not use Quest for blood work, It is done through the Hospital. My question is what number am I shooting for here?

Prepubertal <40
Adult Male: 40-115
Castrate <40
HMG Treatment:
Therapeutic 400-800

Anyone familiar with this referance? Thanks


You are not before puberty, so that rules out Option 1.

Have you been castrated? That would lead me to rule out Option 3

Have you ever been given HMG to facilitate fertility? THat would answer Option 4

By the process of elimination, we are left with a winner...

And its the wrong test. You want Estradiol (E2), not Estrogens.


Thanks VTBalla. I wasn't sure if it was the wrong test or just different ranges ( I know I want to shoot for 20-25 with the right test ). I guess thats good since I was 157. Still feel I'm high with E2 but I guess I'll have to wait and redo the right test on my next visit.