Estrogen Issues and Arimidex Dose/Timing Help

I have been on TRT for over 2 years and still trying to dial things in correctly. 34 years old, 5’11 175lbs lean and fit, lift 6x a week, good diet. I just had labs done and here are my trough results

I am currently pinning 3x a week (MWF) using insulin syringe for total of 120mg per week. This is reduced from 150 2x a week to try and get the estrogen lower and more stable without a AI. Also take DIM and Zinc doesnt effect levels. I wouldn’t be too worried about the 46 E2 number but i do have sides. Acne, low libido, sensitive nipples, big loss of sensitivity in dick and water retention. Since i have tried more frequent injections and lowering dose i asked for arimidex from doc and they agree so now im wondering when and how much do i take? Is it best to take on injection days? the day after? 48 hrs after? Should i start with .25 a week or .50 split up twice a week? And finally have any others finally hopped on the AI and their similar problems/sides went away?

Start at 0.25mg dude. If you can split in 2 do so if not it may still be ok for the most part. Timing seems good on paper but it doesn’t have to be specific or perfect. Depending on where you get your AI from you may be able to go lower dose per week if need be, which may be the case.


I’d try .25 ai like once every 4 days or so. Increase if needed. See if that helps.

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I think that’s overkill for a first time doser especially considering his E2 isn’t over 50.

I would argue 0.25 per week starting point no matter the frequency.

here are my pre TRT numbers when i had no penile sensitivity, acne or libido issues, just low T issues. I post this as Im thinking maybe my body does better with low E?

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For perspective I had untraceable E2 on a non sensitive test. While it wasn’t perfect or optimal I did not have nearly as many libido and erectile problems once I started TRT and ignoring E2 entirely as it climbed. AI helped me greatly. Just like you my E2 has always been “reasonable” on TRT in 35-45, and yet I need an AI to drop it around 20 to make things work.

Maybe people like us are fit to run on low E2 and that’s it.

Your e2 isn’t high, but your TT/FT is a bit low, I’m gonna PRL may be elevated? If it were me, I’d raise your dose some and get TT up around 800ng level, see where FT/e2/PRL come out with that

tried that, when test gets higher the E2 stays about the same i have found

Great, that’s a good thing. What happens to your PRL?

what is PRL?

I say if you don’t feel right then your E2 may be high for YOU. It’s not uncommon to see people reporting vastly different E2 levels they feel comfortable on.


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Check out Highpull’s post in that thread. We can argue maybe a static number doesn’t make sense, but imo that post shows there is no special formula for everyone in what is too high or too low E2. Nothing shows that your E2 isn’t possibly too high for you, it very well may be.

Notice all three dudes on AI had to go under 40 E2, and further more 2 out of those 3 actually had to go under 30 E2. And those 2 guys actually had higher TT and FT than the guy who used the AI to stay with E2 in the 30s oddly enough.

Me for example.
Have bloods showing E2 well above normal range (high test doses) and right at the bottom (AI induced).

Doesnt feel any different to me, would have no idea if it wasn’t reported on a blood test.

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