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Estrogen Is Too High?


So i'm on day 3(!) using testogel and got some terrible insomnia problems...not slept liturally at all in 2 days,the same day i dosed first time in the morning my urine flow was weak in the evening and next day..pathetic but true.am i not ment to use TRT at all or what?

I have adex,aromasin and 6-bromo at hand so i could use them if this is a estrogen problem but the insomnia freaks me out badly and makes me consider comptletly dropping out testogel.


Are you applying in the mornings? I know that if I take my shots too late in the evening I have trouble sleeping.


Yes,after morning shower.


T may be waking up your cells and brain may need to self-adjust. Wait and see, might be transient as many effects are.

Can't get to sleep or can't stay asleep?

See the advice for new guys sticky, we need to have some lab data and other info.


About sleeping, i try to do it but once i'm about to fall asleep i get these feelings like i'm falling and immediatly wake up,after that my heart rate jumps up really quickly..i'm guessing here but well over 100 beats in a minute.
That level' s out fast but take's time to get in back to relaxed.then it happens again and again constantly.
I'll start reading the sticky.
Btw thanks guys for answering.


Any other prescription medication OTC medicine / supplements


May be transient. You might try 3-5mg time release melatonin to deal with this for now. Must be time release. Later on you might not need that.


Years ago(about 16-17)i took d-bol and had similar experience,witch is why i never took it anymore, i mean i took 3 tabs and did not sleep for 40+ hours.


Sounds to me you may have some adrenal issues? And transient as KSman has stated.


Will look in to that thanks!


Adrenal?i don't know tbh.
My doctor took lab tests and all was fine,there was many but i do know E2 was not taken, but bunch of others thryroid,prolacting etc total and free test and blood film? I don't know if that's the real english translation for it.
Test levels have been low for years thought just barely over normal limit 11, 12,9 12,3 and last time 17,1.
Normal here is between 12-38.
Also i do know that the doctor i go to is prob the most advanced TRT doctor in whole country.


Most advanced TRT doc in the country and he didn't test estradiol? I know a lot of these docs are out in the woods, but from what I gather, that is one of the musts.




I don't know why he did'nt test it.
There are prob half a dozen or less docs specialized in TRT in my country.
I have a feeling he's not concearned about estradiol levels for some reason,i guess i'll have to ask him next time.


Also it's possible that it was there,though he never mention about estradiol levels and i never saw mention of e2 in lab results.
I'm just starting to learn here about TRT.
I will go there and ask for copy of lab results next week.
I might be completly wrong when i said he did'nt test it....