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Estrogen is High, Dr. Isn't Prescribing Blockers

I am on trt 200mg every 2 weeks my problem is my estrogen is up and dr dont wanna prescribe me blockers. Anyone help with how to order it online. Levels are 162. Ref range 40-115

Its easy enough to find on the internet. Type in Liquidex. Read stickies for dosing.

Thanks for the fast reply. Its easy to find sites that sale but Im looking for info that anyone knows of a legit site that sells

pretty sure its against the rules to put out sources here. Before I bought anything, I looked the company up on the net and saw what recent stuff was said about them. Whether it was bunk or whatever. You can also get some DIM in the meantime it might help. NO rx needed.

200mg every 2 weeks is crazy and it no wonder you E2 is high, you need to inject twice weekly using smaller doses to better control your E2. Generally the larger infrequent doses will always greatly increase E2 versus smaller more frequent doing. Your doctor is a moron!

I agree, but in my area Im limited on Dr’s who even treat at all. Only other option is online clinic and that shit is high.

Also would it be better to inject 100mg every week, because I do the injections at home. Will that help lower my E2 levels

Yes. Pending what your SHBG looks like. the protocol touted on this page consists of 2 injections a week of 50mg of test cyp Total 100 a week. This lowers the chance of conversion because your test isn’t peaking super high and converting to e2. Smoother test levels means smoother and lower e2 levels.

Did you read the stickies that I provided in your first thread?
You have not provided more info or labs results with ranges.

Part of your problem is 200mg T per week and if in a single weekly injection, that makes things worse.

You should be testing E2, not total estrogens.

“Blockers” is ambiguous. You need an aromatase inhibitor [AI] and anastrozole is the drug of choice.

sorry for all the noob questions. thanks for your help. I told the dr to check e2 but they tested total esto this is part of why I switched drs . new doc wont give me any AI either ask him and told him my concerns and still no dice. very limited in my area for a dr well versed in trt. now my problem is finding a AI . I know you cant put sorces on here but if anyone knows a legit place to get AI it would be most appreciated if you would pm that info. totally new to this forum and new to trt as well. all you guys help is awesome. thanks

In USA google 'liquid anastrozole’
Try to avoid 0.5mg/ml, get 1.0mg/ml.
Switching potencies can lead to dosing errors.

In most USA states you can order your own labs via some internet sources. I have used lef.com which is best with a membership, but there are others as well, I just don’t remember them. Costs are low.

You are having estro related issues from 200 mgs eow? I have access to aromasin, nolvadex ,clomid,arimadec,caber,and otjers if u dont lile those

I jave have aromasin and nolva on hand for any estro issues but it is potent so I don’t use aromasin unless i feel any sort off lump.you can also try running drost or proviron eith your cycles.proven not to aromatize and have anyi estrogenic properties while also drost is at least ad strong as test at higher doses.