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Estrogen Increase on Clomid?

I’ve been working on getting my testosterone up for a while now. At the lowest, I was about 250. From natural supplements, diet, exercise, etc, I was able to get it up into the mid 400s. But it didn’t want to budge beyond that.

Yeah, most doctors will say that’s fine because it’s “in range” even though it’s below average for my age. I’m not content with less than average, and I was at a point where I was struggling to get the results I should have been getting given the training I was doing.

So I started working with a doctor on it. My estradiol was at about 33 and total testosterone at about 412 when we started. I’m only 30, so we both didn’t want me to start taking T at my age. Instead, he started me on 25 mg daily of Clomid. He said that his goal was to get my estradiol to somewhere around 15.

I’ve been doing that for about 3-4 months now and just did another blood test. My total testosterone went up to 900 which is awesome given where I’ve been. But my estradiol also went up to about 44.

I thought that was interesting because since I’ve started Clomid, I’ve been much more tired and having a hard time waking up in the morning even when going to bed earlier. Erections are definitely harder even though that wasn’t really an issue before anyway, but I’ve also noticed that my hands are usually covered in hair when I shampoo my head in the shower which didn’t happen before.

I will say that I had to back off of my training and my diet loosened up a little ways into this Clomid regimen. Not as clean of eating as I was before. That’s changing back right now.

The reason for this post I guess is to see what nuggets of advice/wisdom you may have? I’m taking what this doctor says with a grain of salt because in my first meeting with him he told me to stop eating chicken because they inject chicken with estrogen to grow larger breasts… And I beat my head on the wall. My appointment with him isn’t for almost another month yet, so I’d like to prepare myself with some good info beforehand.

If it’s helpful info, here’s the rest of comparable results I have…
Albumin 4 to 4.2
Free Testosterone 7 to 22
SHBG 39 to 28

Yes, that’s normal on a SERM

Edit: man, find a new doc lol. Clinics are usually pretty good for this

Estrogen of 44 is not big deal, but Clomid is the actual problem. You cannot continue to take Clomid for life. Once you come off it, you will dip back into 400-500 range. So eat right, sleep well, and have fun. But Clomid is not the answer, since it stimulates Pituitary growth, which could put pressure on the optic nerve, thus causing visual disturbances, and irreversible vision damage. So dont up the dose, eventually you will have to come off the stuff, because its an off label prescription that is not meant for prolonged use. Cheers

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Your doctor is a moron, at this level you can get osteoporosis, seen it in countless men on this forum.

A normal healthy estrogen level for an adult male is 20>. As for training not getting the results you hoped for, you can load up on as much T as you want, but if it’s not in your DNA, it isn’t going to happen.