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Estrogen High/Low & AI

OK so what is exactly is the deal with low/high estrogen in males… Everywhere I read online it seems that many of the signs of high E are the same as low E! I started a Test E cycle 600MG/WEEK 12 week cycle with a 1200 mg front load 5 days ago my starting weight was 200lbs today I was 210 so obviously I’m holding a shit load of water. I started running arimidex from the first pin at. .5 on first pin and .25 EOD for a total now of 1mg… My question is I understand water retention is normal with test E but is it normal for 10lbs in 5 days with bloat? Is that a sign my E is to high? I haven’t had any problem with morning wood or keeping the little fella up… But I damn sure have some bloat and feel every bit of the 10lbs of water… Plz help me with some feedback on if I’m tripping and have nothing to worry about and plz give me some personal experience from signs of real high E and real low E(not a crashed E but low)… Also should I switch to aromoasin l? If so plz give some dosing advice

That’s a lot of water. But then again you front loaded a big dose of test, so it’s not unheard of.