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Estrogen Everywhere


I'm 17 and all my neighbors spray weed killers and pesticides ive already got puffy nips and ive read that weed killers and phthalates found in plastic and purfumes decrease T-levels and phthalates even stunt the penis. So what could i do to counter act this


Move to your own private island. To be more serious, the question you asked is a good one on a grand scale, not in reference to your neighbor's weed killer, but in reference to the use of plastics and other possible enhancers of estrogenic effects in our society.

The rate of gynecomastia occurance, the last I read, was in excess of 60% of all males in this country. That means more than half of the men in this country have some type of it although most may never notice it because most people in the country are also overweight.

I will try to find some references for more info, but I am about to leave the house right now. This is a good topic, however, and hopefully it can evolve into something substantial.


Try to stay away from that and eat organic foods and fruits that don't have that crap shot into it,and take some flaxseed oil.


Well if your login name reveals what you do in your spare time: ganja definitly isnt good for you, either.


First of all, there is no evidence that smoking marijuana lowers testosterone levels in men...

The sad truth is that you have to be careful what you eat, and try to use plastic utensils and containers as little as possible.

I know how you feel. While I've never been diagnosed, I suspect that I have a mild case of bitch-tits. However, weight training has definately helped, and now my chest just looks full. So eat organic, and keep lifting.


haha! exactly. I mean, your log in name makes MY nipples itch.

but yeah, there is little we can do about the plastics in our enviroment.


Well,sounds like we have a pothead in denial.


Denial? Has anyone found that study yet showing that marijuana decreases testosterone done any time recently (as in the last 20 years)? To my knowledge, we are still waiting on it. If someone posts an ARTICLE instead of a study I will simply laugh at you.


First of all, I happen to feel strongly about the rampant misinformation about marijuana (just like I feel about any kind of misinformation). Oh, and guess what, I rarely smoke it. Second of all, gynocomastia (sp?) is common.

I know its spiritually rewarding to make gross generalizations about someone based on limited information, but please spare us next time.


Someone once wrote in and TC about this is reader mail. TC said there was nothing reliable out there to support the notion that marijuana lowers T levels. TC is very well read and according to him the jury is still out.

Conversely, Charles Poliquin once told me that there are two groups of people who have trouble losing fat in their lower bodies: people (men and women) with excessive estrogen in their system and frequent marijuana users.

Food for thought.


Well, frequent mariujuana users could have higher estrogen levels because ot the lifestyle and diet choices many of them make, while having nothing to do with the substance itself.


Could be. Poliquin didn't say whether these were his athletes or his "regular joes."


Could be? Come on, its not hard to put 2 and 2 together. If there was evidence of marijuana causing low test levels, or elevated estrogen, or both, we would have surely heard about it by now. Theres a libraries worth of evidence about alcohol causing low test and elevated estrogen. If marijuana did the same, even to a lessor degree, we would have heard about it.

And not all marijuana smokers are lazy fat bastards. Look at the NBA. At least half that league are occasional smokers, if not regular. And college football and basketball? Christ, that percentage has got to be REALLY high, pun intended, LOL. And they look to be in pretty good shape to me. Hasn't bothered my training goals either, LOL.


Lol,it was a joke.Sword sounded like he was standing up for the stuff,so it sounded like he was in complete denial,lol.Thats not true though.Pot doesn't lower testosterone in men.Every pothead I knew was a complete horn dog.


I didnt mean to start an arguement, or imply that marijuana increases estrogen. I was just saying that if he does habitually smoke weed, he shouldnt really be complaining about pesticides.


Doesn't mean it is good for you.


I just recently learned a bit about this topic.

Apprently, synthetic estrogens are found in DDT (pesticide), pthalate exters or PEs (plasticizers), and PCBs (in transformers). Such substances have been shown to decrease libido and increase impotence and breast size in men.

Interestingly, sperm count has been declining 1-2% per year in recent decades.




Sorry, but I'm not sensing a strong correlation here between the pesticides and the puffy nipples.

Make a hat out of tinfoil and wear it whenever you are outside or around plastics and perfumes. Well, I guess you just have to wear it all the time. Shit... they must be out to get us... oh no, where did I put MY hat!


Sure he does. We all do. If I wanna get high dammit, Im going to. But Ive got a right to eat food and live a life not baked in pesticides.