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Estrogen/Estradiol half life

I was wondering what the half life of the testosterone metabolites are? For me, test enanthate takes a long time to kick in, I don’t feel it for about 5 days. It seems to have effects for 14 days after that (oily skin, other signs). The estrogen related side affects seem to last a lot longer, and I was wondering what the half lives of those estrogen are so I will know how long they last after the substrate (test) is gone.



The individual estrogen metabolites have short half lives except for estrone sulfate, which is a depot form that is quite long acting. I also have wanted to know how much so, but don’t have the figures. In rats I have seen one study
where estrogen levels remained elevated for 2 weeks so
perhaps it is a quite long lasting depot.

When testosterone converts to estrogen, the estrogens are quickly broken down by the liver. If you have a healthy liver, and are not consuming large amounts of alcohol concurrently with steroids, estrogenic effects should not last long. Of course, we also have to factor in the fact that some people are more susceptible to estrogenic effects than others.