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Estrogen Control

Hey guys,

I posted a few weeks back about a cycle of test and tren I am going to run. And thank you for the feedback. However I wanted to get blood work done before and see where I was before I started this cycle so I have a reference point. I have been clean 6 months now and my estrogen is still high like 214 area way too high. Guess I am very prone to it I do not know why. I have a dex on hand I know most of you guys think 1mg a day is too much but what are you guys thoughts on this?( 1mg a day)

Again clean for 6 months and estrogen is still high affecting sex drive and libido and I am not on anything. Everything else checked out fine. I am 5ft 9 205lbs 28 yr old been lifting 10 plus yrs. I want to run a test/tren cycle this summer.(600mg test a week in this cycle) Estrogen control is my main concern. I know if you knock it too low that is bad too but damn that def is not my problem!

I would run .5mg ED and see where that gets you based on bloodwork. adjust your dosage from there