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Estrogen Control Supplement?

Has anybody found a decent estrogen control supplement that is weaker than arimidex and wont crash your estrogen. I’ve had little success with dim, splitting injections and reducing amount of test. I just can’t get trt to work I’m fairly lean and work out 5 days week and have done for years first bloods arrive either today or tomorrow I’m guessing high e2 but hard to tell only symptoms are low libido, huge difficulty sleeping and continually tight nuts but no bloating are these high e symptoms

Muscle rage do a good one. Also Blackstone labs eradicate. Might be too weak as used for SARMs etc but worth looking into

Yes spotted them a few times but eradicate is a suicide ai which is no good bit strong really and if you fuck up then you’re in a world of hurt, anyone had any joy with resveratrol

You experiencing gyno symptoms ?

No I’m not experiencing gyno just trouble sleeping, tight testicles and no libido also not the body composition I usually expect and have from previous trt, also mood swings just doesn’t feel like I’m on trt at all

How many mg ? How long you been on ? I’ve been on for 5 years and still have those issues from time to time. They wax and wane.

I’m on 62.mg on Monday and 62.5mg on Thursday total 125mg testosterone enanthate a week been 8 weeks so still in its infancy really bloods came back today
Total t 39 normal range 8-29

Free t 0.719 normal range 0.2-0.62

Shbg 53 normal range 18.3-54.1

Estrogen 71 normal range 41-159

Tsh 1.34 normal range 0.27- 4.20

Free t4 17.7 normal range 12.0- 22.0

Albumin 43.5 normal range 35-50

Prolactin 300 normal range 86- 324

English blood units used nmol

Fairly low dose i.m.o. but you should see positive benefits and little to no negative sides

When I first started trt I had problems sleeping. Along with every dose increase. It should eventually go away as your hormones balance out.

Zinc citrate