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Estrogen Blockin'

Last year for new years, i quit smoking - and it lasted for 6 months too. problem is, i grew a small set of titties when i quit - cold turkey. I think it may have been from a sudden drop in testosterone from the stress or something. - or even the sudden raise, who knows. Either way, I am going to quit next week for good, however, i want to find a good estrogen blocking supplement so this doesnt happen worse. Any of you guys have any recommendations?


Good question!

I live in Italy and I wanna know what supplements there are besides M that block estrogen.

Are there any others?

Where can you buy this stuff in Europe?

yea, i knew of M, so i bought some.

has anyone heard of quitting smoking and this happening before?

I have a theory on that and it’s just a theory as dumb as it may sound. From what I’ve heard and read, smoking can decrease Test levels. Now after quiting your levels are increasing and your body sees this as above normal, so it increases estrogen levles to compensate. I realize I’m reaching but it’s just a thought.

Having said that M or 6 OXO should help if that( estrogen increase) is the cause.