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Estrogen Blockers


what is a good estrogen-blocker? I have some prohormones lying around and I need an e-blocker to stack them with.

The only product I found that had an ingredient list similar to M's was this:

"S.A.N. Estodex"

It has 2 of M's ingredients.

Is this worthwhile or is there better stuff out there?



6 oxo is good ergopharm


I heard, do not have scientific facts, that 6-oxo was not that great at all. I have also heard, again no facts, that Anabolic Xtreme makes a good e blocker.


well i heard that 2 but i used it and felt something hard to discribe maybe less like a woman i heard novedex is good by gaspari and im using it next



What do you mean by that? Maybe less like a woman? Please explain . . . .


well it was a winter night post andro cycle i was feeling bloated had puffy nips and wanted to cry then i remembered i had 6 or 7 6 oxos left so i started popping them and within a day or two my skin and boobies tightend right up and i was ready to rock once again.


Jjay, you had a good experience with 6 OXO but you're going to try Novedex next.
Any reason for the switch?


I've been reading about 4-hydroxyandrostenedione and I'd probably be willing to try it if I had some from before the ban when, apparently, some companies were selling this as a prohormone/prosteroid.

If you could get hold of some, preban, script or whatever, it might be a good bet.

For what my opinions worth. (less then $.02)

On a side note, I'm also curious about nicotine as an anti-aromatase.


try posting in the steroid forums. Also get proper pct like nolva/clomid




sunny ive read all the stuff about 6 oxo bieng not that great so well i think it helps i think the novedex would be stronger especially scince gaspari seems to be putting out drugs and calling them supps its probably close to real novadex plus i like to try new things on another not i am only doing andro cycles its not like im shooting test in my ass or anything


Arimidex 0.5mg eod