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Estrogen Blockers

Okay so here’s a tuffy. I am a personal trainer/professional dancer/baseball player, and aspiring singer. I’ve been dieting and chiseling my body for the past couple of months. My training is vigourous, and I’ve gotten myself to under 10% bodyfat. The trouble is I still have an ugly amount of fat on my tricep that I can’t get rid of. A fellow trainer suggested that I may have a relatively high amount of estrogen, which would make me store extra fat in the same places as a woman. He then recommended I take some estrogen blocker. I’m all for anything that will help shape my body. My question is this, if I am a soprano(which means I can sing at a fairly high octive level)and I take the estrogen blockers, would that change my hormonal balance, so that maybe my voice would deepen? Sorry to sound like a homo, I’m totally not, just concerned about messing up my singing career.

It might not be a scenario of extrogen levels. It could be a fact that you need to put on some more muscle on your triceps, If your talking about that area where your tri’s and shoulder meet. Try adding on some more size first, and if that doesn’t work try the estrogen blockers. On a side note, I don’t think estrogen blockers would help you lose that little bit of fat.

Peter - Are you a male or female? I can’t figure it out. Castrati? Are you a contratenor - is that what you mean to say? No offense, but I go to the best music school in the Country, if not the world, andI don’t think I’ve encountered a Male Soprano - a few contratenors, but a Soprano??!!

Near as I can tell, taking estrogen blockers/t-boosters would not really deepen your voice - I imagine that once you’ve passed puberty, things are FAIRLY established unless you are going to do Pro-Bodybuilder quantities of ‘supplements.’ Its also possible that you could use something other than estrogen blockers to help decrease fat stores. Look into that.

I find it funny that someone has to apologize for “sounding like a homo” when asking this type of question, and even funnier that if he didn’t, he’d almost certainly be called one.