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Estrogen Blockers

Any ideas on over the counter, legal, easy to get estrogen blockers? I have been reading about zinc, is this a realistic option?

Read this on RezV

Option for what?

For controlling estrogenic side effects from aromatizeable drugs? No way.

just gotta find the right source mite be expensive though

bones can suck it

[quote]SUPERMAN786 wrote:
just gotta find the right source mite be expensive though

bones can suck it[/quote]

Please be silent, child.

I think my dos is going to give me some Nolvadex. I also bought some legal Novadex XT. Not in the same league but I heard from others it works to some degree.

No it doesnt. It cant work. Its not an AI or SERM. There is no physiological way it can prevent estrogen related side effects. “Others” lied.

that’s not true. it worked great with my gear

I took 6-oxo for a while as an estrogen blocker. The one reason I can say I think it worked is that I got this wierd random pain in my left ankle, and one of the effects of decreasing estrogen levels is that your tendons will “dry up”, and I think that ankle pain was a result. It went away after I stopped using the 6-oxo for a while, so I’m guessing I was just using too much. This 6-oxo/pain/stop-6-oxo/pain-goes-away happened twice, so I’m pretty sure that it was the 6-oxo to blame.

[quote]Tumor wrote:
that’s not true. it worked great with my gear[/quote]

OH ok. I forgot that it worked great for you.

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No over-the-counter medication, supplement, or mineral will truly mitigate the effects of aromatizable AAS.

BONEZ is completely correct.

While Zinc does have a correlation to SLIGHTLY lowered aromatase, it will not stop estrogen related side effects for AAS.

Supplements, like the mentioned Novadex, do not contain SERMS or AIs, meaning that they cannot have a true anti-estrogen function. They do, however, contain small amounts of phytosterols which have claims of being anabolic and somehow anti-estrogenic, but no data I have ever heard of or seen supports this.

In terms of the biased, uncontrolled, and subjective reports made on forums and the internet reviewing these: They seem to be low enough in reported affect to be attributable to little more than placebo controls in well-organized studies.

The only true anti-estrogens are those used medically or being used within research (and I do not mean research chem sites, but true medical research) for further development of medical SERMS and AIs.