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Estrogen Blockers, Side Effects?


Can I be on test all year round, if so, what should I worry about?

I know I need an estrogen blocker, i've heard Letrozole is a good one, how should I take it and is it an over-the-cunter product? & how will having no estrogen at all affect me?

I've also heard that I need something to protect my liver, hair, balls and something to controll my sex-drive. I know nothing about this, so the more in-depth the more i'll appreciate it. :smiley: Excuse my noobyness.



You are no where near ready to touch T. You know nothing. What is an estrogen blocker??? never head of it. I know about AI's and SERMS...Do you?

You gotta control that sex drive for sure....You wouldn't want to be running around tren-raping people..........or objects.


I know thats why i'm here... oO

I dont know what AI's and SERMS are, what are they?

I've heard I need something to stop the test converting to estrogen, and Letrozole is one. Basically so you dont get bitch-tits & get acne, right?


Read the stickies.





lol, anybody seen the thread this guy started where he asked if stretching was good?

That gives you an idea of where he's at in terms of development.

Probably best not to add steroids into the mix quite yet...


Oh man....This dude needs a foam roller. Those things make you HUGE!! Don't roll your back out on it though. It's only meant for your face.


i did a bicep stretch and grew .1 on arms.



I'm not taking steroids for bodybuilding purpose


lol do people only troll on this site or what


reason why I ask if stretching was good is because I dont want to end up having my mum to clean my ass for me, i've only been going to the gym for a year and i've already lost loads of flexibility, I cant imagine what it'll be like if i'm slighly bigger.

Stop being a smartass because you dont know anything about me besides the fact i'm in a gym and I'm planning on taking steroids.


If you want to fuck around with gear, and you do it with your lazy attitude, shit like this can happen:



Oh just fucking wonderful. Another stupid kid.



I know, here we go again...


Gave me a good laugh.