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Estrogen Blockers and Low T

Something doesn’t make sense to me. I had low normal T in 2004 and am now doing much better - I think my scores would be much higher now. But I’m probably still on the lower half of the Bell Curve realistically.

Now one of the current concerns is that low T men in turn have low E because little of it can aromatize if you don’t have much T to work with in the first place. And this has researchers very concerned because osteoporosis is a very big problem in men and estrogen, of course, plays such a central role in bone metabolism. Here’s an link that explains the situation:


Now, let’s say I start weight lifting, changing my diet and maybe taking Trib and Eury products to boost my T. Now my T is hopefully moving up the scale in the more normal range.

Now why in the world would I want to take M or Chrysin or any other product that would whack my E? Won’t they give me E levels near that of a low T man which research indicates is a dangerous place to be?

In other words, doesn’t a lower T guy want to boost his E as well?

Something else I would be interested in is roughly how much E a product like M (or Chrysin) would actually block and under what circumstances. I thought I read somewhere that it almost completely whacks aromatization which seems a little scary. If that’s true, it sounds like something you might want to use for a few weeks to post nice gains but wouldn’t want to use consistently (if you’re low or low normal T)?