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Estrogen Blocker with M-Drol?


I'm about to start a cycle of M-Drol and i was wondering if i truly need a estrogen blocker. Im going to get a liver protector and a pct. Just wondering if anyone with better knowledge could help me out.


Take this post with a grain of salt because I know nothing about M-Drol, but I’m assuming its a PH/DS. I tend to purposefully be ignorant in this subject.

If you’re asking if you should run an AI while on a PH then the answer would be yes. It definitely would help and be a smart decision on your part due to the fact that theres next to no information out there on these drugs. If you’re asking if you think you’ll get gyno without it… theres really no way to tell except to try it out and just see if ya get the bitch tits.

One way to tell… when you finish your amazing cycle of M-Drol just give your nipple a good squeeze then if you see shit coming out and you’re actually a lactating male you can slap yourself in the forehead like the V8 commercials and say “Should’ve had a V8” except in your case it’d be “Should’ve had an AI”



hahah yeah i got one


Mdrol is a superdrol clone I think. It is not supposed to aromatize, and come to think of it I have never heard of anyone running an AI with it. However, as BMC said no one can really know what the fuck these compounds do so I guess you could be safe and run a very low dose of one.


^ right, and superdrol is just methylated masteron, developed by Syntex alongside masteron back in the day. As you wrote, it supposedly doesn’t aromatize, yet certainly people have gotten gyno from it. I’ve never touched it so this is just conjecture, but I bet gyno is more likely to arise post-cycle due to estro rebound after heavy shut-down.

Btw, if one was to use an AI on-cycle, I certainly wouldn’t use an OTC containing ATD, as it may have repressive effects that worsen T-levels.