Estrogen Blocker (Anastrozole) Question

I received my recent labs today (My doses and results are below)
My question is that my doctor has proscribed Anastrozole. But I haven’t started it yet.

He didn’t really give me good reasons to take it other than my e number was high. I’m prone to take his advice, but thought I’d see what your reactions and thoughts are on what symptoms I should be looking for beyond just the high number to see if it is a good move for me and my body and if I do take it, what should I look for symptom wise to know that I may want to stop?

I don’t have sore nipples and don’t have any developing breast tissue, but I’m sure that isn’t the only symptom that high e may cause.

He has me taking 160mg Test C each week (I split into 2 half doses sun/wed).

Total test: 1204
SHBG: 23.8
Estradiol: 53.9
Prostate-Specific Ag: .8
Albumin: 4.3
Hematocrit: 49.5

Appreciate the thoughts.

What day of the week did you take labs? Considering your SHBG that TT is pretty high. Meaning you have a ton of FT too. E2 doesn’t concern me with these other high numbers sans symptoms. Libido, mood, blood pressure all ok?

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Thanks for asking.
I had the labs drawn on Wed while fasting and before I took my second shot for the week.
Libido is through the roof, mood seems fine, and I test my blood pressure every couple of weeks at the grocery store and it is normal.
I haven’t given blood or donated plasma for over a year either–something I could have posted originally.

I would tell your doctor all of this and let him know you would like to stay the course. No need to chase magic numbers.


Current lab ranges for estrogen (20-40 pg/mL) were derived for men who were not on TRT and Total T <500 ng/dL. Most men using normal TRT doses do not need anastrozole.


Wow, for the first time in my TRT journey, someone is taking the same dose as me and getting the exact same hormones. Wild.

I feel great, and assume you do too. I have played with lowering my e2 with an AI, but I always seem to overcook it and just go back to using test only.

If you feel good, keep it up.

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Haha, that is great. This is so helpful.
Feeling great and glad to hear you are too.
Thanks for sharing your experience!