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Estrogen Balance

I took a blood test last week and my estrogen was 70 pg/ mL. I’m on my 7th week of my first ever blast of 500 mg of testosterone cypionate. I’m really feeling like shit. Lethargic all day, sleepy, no motivation to do anything. I have gained 20 pounds in these 7 weeks and according to my crappy scale I’ve only gone up 2% bodyfat so not too concerned there. My issue is fixing my shitty mood and energy. I’m taking .25 mg of anastrozole eod as of right now but doesnt seem to help. I have been on trt for 3 years prior to this blast so I’ve had time to see how my body responds to the AI and usually any that I take crashes my E2 so I haven’t used it in a while. I want to keep the E2 up a little to help protect my joints and such but I’m tired of feeling like shit. Any advice?

Did you get TT measured? I ask cos my e2 is 77pg on TRT dose of test. I’d expect to be a lot higher on 500mg

My TT was above their scale. It stopped at 1500 so I didn’t get an exact number.

Ok, was making sure it wasn’t underdosed test. As far as the AI, start small and go slow. Try .25mg 2x per week (after your shot, not sure how you break it up). Wait 2 weeks or so, go up if you have to

How did you feel when your estrogen was in the 70’s? I guess what I’m trying to figure out is if that is even the cause of my low energy levels. I’m eating between 4 and 5000 calories a day. I’m wondering if I’m always sleepy and lethargic because I’m always full of food and digesting. I normally only ate around 3000 a day before the blast.

Right on the edge of too high for me, so I’m playing with getting it into the 50’s now. Any higher than 80pg I get anxiety, terrible sleeping, etc.

Lethargy could be from thicker blood, do you know what your CBC looks like? Drink more water.

Also yeah just eating tons of food, heavy workouts, maybe all that requires a nap or more sleep?

All numbers were in normal range except I had high estrogen and testosterone. It was a full hormonal panel.

CBC looks fine. Nothing in there look off or would explain your fatigue. I’d just chalk it up to training/lifestyle

You put on 20lbs in seven weeks. Pretty good chance your sleep has been impacted by rapid and large weight gain. You’re probably sleeping like shit because your breathing isn’t as good as it was seven weeks ago. Your e2 isn’t that high, so that’s about the only explanation that would make sense. Lack of sleep can cause you to be lethargic, sleepy, and have no motivation.

I’ve actually been sleeping pretty well and getting a solid 9-10 hours a night. Although I usually wake up to urinate once or twice.

You think that. But if you’re having apnea you wouldn’t know it unless someone was with there monitoring you. So you can sleep for 9-10hrs (which is bonkers to me who does best on 6-7) but if it’s not quality sleep you’ll wake up feeling exactly as you described. Rule it out as a possibility for no other reason than to check that box.

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Things that effect energy to consider

  1. You can also spot check glucose when your feeling bad.
    You can be hypoglycemic and may need to understand where in your food intake that is happening.

  2. You can also have low blood pressure. Spot check this if you feel bad and when you feel good to establish a baseline. Stay hydrated!

  3. Electrolyte deficiency for numerous reasons that are transient in nature. 4000mg Potassium min per day is required. (Food sources are best) Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium! Low values can decrease cardiac output (EF%) and even cause abnormal rhythms.

  4. Dehydration!

  5. Vitamin D deficiency is very common with low energy!

  6. Thyroid of course, but your labs look good!

  7. Like iron_yuppie said sleep. But you said your good there! Over training or under resting. Stress and cortisol issues can also fatigue you!

  8. Cardiac issues.

I think your estrogen if fine given the testosterone level. You have to be in an ideal ratio. Your body needs estrogen as well.

Hope this helps!